About Us

Brace international, Inc. founded in 1989 and located in Atlanta, Georgia USA is an industry leader in innovative bracing products. Until now our braces have been sold exclusively to health care professionals. While our core business will remain with the sports medicine specialist, we now make our more user-friendly products available to the recreational athlete. Our braces, worn by world class athletes in many different disciplines, continue to allow for a faster, safe and functional return to activity.

We pride ourselves in a product line that allows athletic trainers and health care professionals alike to spend more time assessing and treating injuries rather than strapping and taping athletes before games and practices. We believe athletic trainers are far more important in their diagnostic and rehabilitative capacities. The more time actually spent on treatment of injuries the better off the athlete is. Unlike many other manufacturers with “me too” products, our products are extremely innovative and unique.

At Brace, our season never ends.